" In addition to energy exploration, we use our experience and expertise to trade oil, gas and related products in markets around the world "


Exploration & Production

World energy consumption is expected to expand by 50 percent over the next 25 years. Growing world economies combined with population increases will create a significantly higher demand for oil and other energy. The exploration and development of new energy projects is essential to ensure the world economy's sustainability over the long run.

In the decades to come, hydrocarbon exploration and development will become increasingly costly and difficult. By 2030, an estimated $20 trillion investment in energy resources will be necessary to satisfy the world’s energy demand.

PetroSaudi is making an investment in the future today through diverse exploration projects in the world’s most important energy-producing regions. Through our current operations, we have gathered considerable in-house geoscience, operational and commercial capability, and have forged strong relationships with industry-recognized external expertise.





Energy Investments

In today’s global economy, the energy market is complex and volatile, requiring not only a nuanced understanding of the geopolitical environment but also of the fluctuating rules of supply and demand. As experts in the energy industry, our business activities are not limited to oil drilling. In addition to energy exploration, we use our experience and expertise to trade oil, gas, and related products in markets around the world.

PetroSaudi handles the bulk sale and purchase of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, jet fuel, chemical feedstocks, and gasoline. We have built a diverse energy portfolio, which includes electricity, biofuels and environmental products. We continue to reinforce our offer of upstream oil and gas assets comprising large scale, high quality development and exploration projects.

PetroSaudi Oil Services

Operating since 2009 PetroSaudi Oil Services Limited (PSOSL) has partnered with both national and independent oil companies to provide oil services for upstream operations. PSOSL’s flat management structure allows us to engage with and respond to our client’s operational requirements as soon as their operating environment demands.

PSOSL has consistently provided rapid deployment solutions in instances where flexibility and an understanding of the unique challenges faced by our clients has given us a competitive advantage. PSOSL’s management systems and supply chain management functions have been utilized by our partners to successfully complete ground-breaking projects and build on their successes to date. Our commitment to our partners and our participation in their successful operations has made us an integral supplier in their operations around the globe.

The PetroSaudi Saturn

Built in 1983 by Keppel Fels, in Singapore, it was known as the Golmar Robert F. Bauer until 2005. The ship was then named Songa Neptune and Songa Saturn before being named The PetroSaudi Saturn in November, 2010. 
As one of the prime examples of fine marine engineering, this 135.8m X 23.2m monohull giant has a gross tonnage of 10'155 tons and explores offshore oil and gas wells in the Caribbean Sea.

The PetroSaudi Discoverer

Built in 1977, this turret moored drill-ship bears the Singaporean flag and was initially known as the Interocean Discoverer. The midwater floater changed names several times before finally being called The PetroSaudi Discoverer. Names included "Essar Discoverer", "Discoverer", "Discoverer 1" and "Neptune Discoverer". It has a gross tonnage of 5'897 tons and can drill up to 20,000 feet under water.

PetroSaudi Energy & Trading

Launched in early 2013, PetroSaudi Energy & Trading (PSENTRA) is an oil trading and supply operation which has established relationships with a wide range of IOCs, NOCs and independent buyers.

PSENTRA offers our partners long term energy solutions and strategic economic opportunities through its growing trading network. PSENTRA has developed full trading, financing and risk management capabilities since its inception. Our highly experienced team, supported by first class international financial institutions and robust systems provides us with the capabilities to both bring our clients’ product to market and fulfil the supply needs of our customers. PSENTRA is an independent trading company. This allows PetroSaudi, through its partnership strategy, to differentiate itself in what is today a highly competitive and complex global energy supply chain.